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If you have enjoyed the your Yoga class at Yomga, please let us and others know, we publish your review without giving your name or address. Please use the form on the side. Thank you!

Since the start of Yoga classes I find that I can pull myself back into focus better then before. This is my weekly sanctuary from life’s stresses. I look forward to this class more then I can say.

Janine is a patient and generous person and teacher who inspires me to explore myself and my world through Yoga. No matter what the circumstances, she maintains a consistent and high level of spirit and attention to her teaching that makes each student in her class feel as though she were speaking directly and only to them.

Starting to practice Yoga at age 54 is a huge challenge. While I struggle, Janine has been inspiring, supporting and encouraging. Her clarity and enthusiasm make every practice a unique and rewarding experience.

My hatha yoga practice has positively affected both my physical and mental well-being, and Janine's enthusiasm and warmth motivate me to integrate yoga into my often-hectic schedule.

I suffered from severe back problems for many years and although I am very active in sports none of that prevented me from having lumbagos as frequent visitors. I had a lumbago on average every 3 months. I started Yoga  and had not a single one! Thank you to Yoga and Janine

Janine has helped me through Yoga to confront and deal with my fears and taught me the importance of caring for myself and how to relax. She is a great teacher and extremely giving of herself and her time.
Try it and see for yourself!

Janine is an attentive instructor with an innate ability to read her students minds.
She makes adjustments kindly and accurately and communicates with her students in a way that's engaging and fun.

Janine’s classes serve to replenish my physical energy and my sense of hope and joy in my life.

I came to Yoga to “get fit” and lose weight – I had no idea how my spirit needed to open up and heal. And I lost 20 pounds.

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